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The Anti-love Story

This post is originally from February 2011 I chuckled when I discovered that my non-fiction book: “Lessons from the Trenches: Staying in a Difficult Marriage” did not make the cut in the Women of Faith/Westbow competition. It looks like most of the finalists were romance. Yes, we all want romance. Who wants reality? A fewContinue Reading

Living in the Grey

This post was originally written January 2011. One of my favorite books to read to my son when he was a baby was Dr. Seuss, “My Many Colored Days.” It’s a simple book that looks at colors and moods. Our copy didn’t survive three children; it was well loved and worn. The pages that struckContinue Reading

Courage: Word of the Year

This was originally posted on another blog January 2011. A month ago I wrote about accidental living and having a mission and a vision for your life. I also mentioned a “word of the year.” I’ve not posted for a few weeks because I was finishing up my book, to submit to a contest, andContinue Reading

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