The Anti-love Story

This post is originally from February 2011 I chuckled when I discovered that my non-fiction book: “Lessons from the Trenches: Staying in a Difficult Marriage” did not make the cut in the Women of Faith/Westbow competition. It looks like most of the finalists were romance. Yes, we all want romance. Who wants reality? A few … Continue reading The Anti-love Story

Living in the Grey

This post was originally written January 2011. One of my favorite books to read to my son when he was a baby was Dr. Seuss, “My Many Colored Days.” It’s a simple book that looks at colors and moods. Our copy didn’t survive three children; it was well loved and worn. The pages that struck … Continue reading Living in the Grey

I Still Believe in Romance

Originally published August 2012. Sometimes I want to curse the fantasy of romance and happily-ever-after. Starry-eyed brides and flowers and first kisses and passionate sex between a husband and wife. Is this stuff for real? It’s not my reality. I wanted to be cherished and loved but my family of origin (FOO) led me to believe that … Continue reading I Still Believe in Romance

No Gift?

I originally wrote this in December of 2010 and posted it in another blog then. I’ve been feeling a bit blue this Christmas. Financially things are worse than ever. My marriage isn’t good and I’m just feeling depressed about the fact that my difficult challenges in my marriage, are unlikely to change any time soon. … Continue reading No Gift?

Blessed Inconvenience

This was originally posted on another blog December 2010 I’ve had a few days this past week where my daughter was home sick from school. I don’t work a “regular” job so I was home with her.  Normally I am gone during the day so I thought this would be a great time to do … Continue reading Blessed Inconvenience

Accidental Living

This was originally posted in another blog on December 2010 I’ve had a few car accidents in my day and in every one I’ve suffered whiplash.  Other than the one that was my fault, they were unpreventable. The fact is, you can drive as carefully as possible, obey every rule of the road, and still … Continue reading Accidental Living


This was originally posted December 2010 in another blog. The holiday season is officially upon us. Some have engaged in the madness of Black Friday and others have engaged in a flurry of decorating and baking. The pressure to get out cards and buy gifts and attend every concert can be a bit overwhelming. I … Continue reading Treasures

A Faithful God

This was originally published in November 2010. While I know that Thanksgiving is a great time to meditate on all God has done that we should be grateful for, I am seeking to find daily more and more ways to recognize and live in the light of His faithfulness to me. There are a multitude … Continue reading A Faithful God

Glory Baby

This was originally posted elsewhere in October of 2010 Seven years ago I was newly pregnant and excited that we would have our third child. Maybe a girl this time? I was leading a ministry to women and it had been a tough few months with the team. I decided not to tell them about … Continue reading Glory Baby


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